Our family is growing by two feet!

Oh, Baby!

Since we have family across the states, and even around the world right now, I decided to start a blog to keep everyone posted on the latest updates and pictures. Thanks for stopping by! So, to start at the beginning… Around February of this year, Jared and I talked about starting a family. We touched on what that would mean for us, where we’d want to be financially, and where we would want to travel to before expanding our family beyond two adults + three doggies. We decided we would re-visit the topic after we celebrated our 3 year anniversary this October, and in the meantime we would pray about it.

Oh, did God have other plans for us! On March 26th (only a month or so after our initial talk/wait decision), we were surprised to see these two little pink lines!

Two little pink lines

Okay, I have to admit – as a woman, I wasn’t completely shocked. I had a suspicion because I was late and I’m always on time… in this sense, at least! But I was surprised because we’d been able to “delay” starting a family on our own, thanks to my ability to know what time of the month it is and my slight OCD to track everything. But our plans to wait until the end of the year to talk about starting a family weren’t exactly what God had in mind for us. And His plans always win!

Needless to say, these two little pink lines brought up a flood of buried emotions in me and I immediately starting crying. Jared assumed I was crying because I was unhappy. As he hugged me, he said, “Don’t worry babe, it’s going to be okay. Are you sad?”  In fact, I felt just the opposite. I was crying for two reasons:

1. These two little pink lines were all part of God’s plan. He has moved so profoundly in our lives recently, in ways which we couldn’t understand or comprehend, and all of our blessings and difficult times made sense now… He was preparing us to begin this new journey.

2. After 10 years of not knowing if I could have children or not (due to the chemotherapy I received when I was 18), these two little pink lines said I can! And I was overwhelmed with joy.

Over the years, we had talked about possibly not having children, but it was this moment when I realized that deep down I’ve always wanted children. I’d been telling myself I may not want kids simply to ease the rejection I thought I may face one day – rejection of wanting children so much only to find out I couldn’t have them on my own. So words can’t truly describe the happiness I felt when I saw these two little pink lines; it melted my heart in a way I didn’t know possible.

Once I explained all of this to Jared, he completely understood why I was crying and he even got teary-eyed. He was happy too, and almost as giddy as a kid in a candy store about becoming a dad! It was, without a doubt, an incredible moment between us that will certainly be cherished.


One more thing I should mention – March is “Mustache March” in the Heid homes (his brothers, along with friends, participate in this hideous event). March is the only month of the year I dread, for this reason alone: Jared grows a mustache. All. Month. Long. The expression “eewww” says it all.

So, what does this have to do with the baby??  Five words: The Power of the Mustache (as Jared says) – Jared is convinced we are having a boy because of his special mustache “power.”  ha! We’ll just have to wait and see. Below is a picture of us the night we saw those two little pink lines, complete with the infamous mustache. Keep in mind Jared and I joke around all the time as a couple. If you recall, he wrote “Just Kidding” in my engagement ring box and our wedding vows included everything from stray dogs to fantasy football, so even the very significant events in our life are no exception! That being said, he is being silly with his facial expression, not serious:

The infamous mustache

Baby Heid is due 12.3.12! We are both elated to become parents, to begin this new chapter in our lives together, and to walk hand in hand with God as we fulfill His plan for us.

Thanks for visiting our blog! We’ll be adding pictures, posting updates, and more, so go to “Follow Our Blog” on the right-side menu above if you’d like to receive emails when we add things.


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