Second Ultrasound Photos

Look how much I’ve grown!

12 weeks – 5.21.12

And here’s a close up of my cute face and hand!

12 weeks – 5.21.12

When we went in for the 12 week pre-natal screening, we got to see the baby moving around and hear the baby’s heartbeat again. It has become one of my favorite sounds! It is a sound of joy and also relief that everything is going well. The baby has a strong heartbeat at 153 bpm (beats per minute) and everything looked good in the ultrasound.

Some have asked me why we chose to do the optional pre-natal screening (a screening for possible genetic disorders, such as down syndrome, spina bifida, and more, as well as some chromosomal disorders like trisomy-18 and 13). The screening consists of two blood tests (my blood only, drawn from my arm, nothing touches the baby) and one ultrasound where measurements are taken to make sure the baby’s development is on track. We are not at a higher risk for anything, our families carry no history of problems, but we wanted to do it anyway for a couple reasons:

1. Whether or not our baby had a genetic or chromosomal disorder would not change anything for us. It goes without saying that we would love and cherish the baby just as much, but what it would do is allow us to better prepare ourselves and better prepare for the baby if it needed special care.

2. We got an extra ultrasound and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again between dr. visits, and who doesn’t love that?!

The choice was simple in our minds and getting the cute pictures above made it worth it already! Don’t worry – if the tests determine that something may be wrong, of course we’ll let you know and request your prayers. So, no news is good news!

One thing I forgot to mention – I’m measuring 8 days ahead. That just means the baby is growing well, may be slightly big (God help my small hips!), and my due date may get moved up to 11.26 instead of 12.3. My doctor will let me know at my next check-up if she’s moving my due date or not. I’ll keep you posted.

Now for some fun facts and Q&A!
Fun fact: The baby is now a little bigger than a lime and has developed reflexes, can curl its toes and open and close its hands. If I poke and prod my abdomen, the baby will even move in response, though I can’t feel it yet. I’ll probably start to feel it within the next few weeks or so, and I’m so excited for that!

How’s mommy-to-be feeling??
Feeling tired? Still tired, but slowly getting my energy back. A very welcomed change.
Feeling sick? Haven’t been very nauseous this past week or so, it’s been so nice!
Cravings? Still milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. That’s it.
Mood swings? Yes, but I’m really just more quick to cry than I ever have been before. I get particularly teary eyed over kids and babies now (and still dogs, of course!).
Weight gain? 2 – 3 lbs. Right on track!
Showing? A little, as you can see in the Baby Belly picture above…but it it’s not quite the cute, round, “she’s definitely pregnant” shape. It’s more like I’m expanding rather than showing. Think 21 year old college girl who really likes to party and drink beer – and who therefore has a beer belly. Ya, I think that’s pretty accurate. haha!


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  1. What a cutie!!!! Rin, I’m so sorry, but it looks like a Heid!!!!!! Will determine more on this topic later. Love you and Congrats again!!!!!

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