Welcome to Daddy-hood!

This week I really wanted to do something silly and sweet for Jared, so I decided to make him a “Daddy Survival Kit.” I’d seen the idea online and  loved it, so I decided to make him one. I couldn’t believe some of the great stuff I found in the dollar section at Target – it was like it was there just waiting for me to include it!

Jared's Daddy Survival Kit

I personalized each item in the kit with a special note. Here’s what was included:

  • A rubber band – “Because parenting requires us to be flexible”
  • Gatorade – “For the days after a sleepness night when you’ll just need some energy!”
  • Mamba candies, one of Jared’s favorites – “Because you’re going to be the sweetest dad”
  • Dice – “Because sometimes parenting is going to be a roll of the dice!”
  • Mini first aid kit – “Use this kit and your kisses to heal her when she’s hurt”
  • Wet wipes – “For when life gets sticky”
  • The movie Horrible Bosses – “For when life gets stressful and you need a good laugh”
  • A bottle opener that looks like a baby (crazy, I know!! Love Target!) – “Because sometimes you’ll just want a beer!”
  • Playing cards with a mustache and the words “The Gambler” on them (this was so fitting for several reasons!) – “We took a gamble that day back in “Mustache March” when you had a mustache…and we got her ;)”
  • Goldfish, also one of his favorites – “The saying goes, ‘There are plenty of fish in the sea’ but I’m so thankful God made you Daddy to her and husband to me”

Update alert! Had I been using essential oils at the time I made this for him, I would’ve included the following:

  • Stress Away Essential Oil – “To help ease the stress in our crazy, new life!”

Any new daddy to be that says he isn’t stressed out in the delivery room is lying to you! And of course it works beyond the delivery room. Bringing home baby, baby turned into teething, fussy baby, turned into toddler = stressful! This can help both mama and dada.

  • Lavender Essential Oil and Peace & Calming Essential Oil – “Get a good night’s rest because you’re going to need it!”

To help with sleeping, because after all, the itty bitty couch he had to crunch up on for two nights really messed with his sleep. And these can help the new mommy, or second, third or sixth time mommy, too!

  • Thieves Essential Oil – “Use this to steal all those yucky hospital germs away!” Thieves oil has been proven to kill 99.6% of airborne microorganisms (ok, this one actually benefits everyone, too, not just him, so it’s another win win!).

Did he think I was crazy when I first starting using my oils? Absolutely. Fast forward to a year later and he is asking for them. Yes, ASKING. Why is he asking now? Because they work! Simple as pie. He asks when…

  • his tummy hurts
  • he can’t sleep
  • he starts to get a sore throat
  • he gets a cut
  • his back hurts
  • he’s getting a pimple I mean a manly, red, spot on his face
  • Even when he knows he’s going to snore after a long day…he asks me for the oil so he won’t snore, therefore he won’t get kicked to the couch 🙂

If you’re making a Daddy Survival Kit and want to throw these in there, or if you just want more info, I would love to tell you how to get them and how you can get them for 24% off like I did! Email me at heidfamilylove@gmail.com.

Welcome to Daddy-hood, Jared!

It was fun watching Jared open his Daddy Survival Kit that night. He loved everything in it and loved the personalized touch on each thing even more. Now we’re just waiting on our little girl’s arrival so he can put his Survival Kit to use!


Baby’s Birthday Bets

I’m pretty sure you all know Jared well enough to know he is a betting man – he’ll bet on nearly anything, right down to betting on the ingredients in Grenadine syrup (seriously, him and I just bet on this last week. Did you think it was cherries? If you did, you would’ve lost, too!). And don’t even get me started on his fantasy sports teams – baseball, football, even golf. No joke. But, typically when he bets, he wins. Jared really enjoys competition (I have to admit, so do I. It is SO much fun to beat him… when I do anyway!). And he really enjoys the camaraderie and fun betting can bring. So, it should not surprise you that he, and even me!, wanted to do a fun little betting pool for our Baby Girl’s birthday.

Each entry was $5. Whoever guessed her birthday correctly will win, winner takes all! If more than one person chose the same day, the weight will be the tie-breaker (whoever guessed closest to her actual weight, over or under). In the event our little girl’s birthday was not selected by anyone, Mama takes all!! So, here we go!

Total: 28 entries at $5 each. Winner takes home $140. Not too bad for a $5 bet! Thanks for playing everyone!

Where have we been?!?

That’s what you may have been asking… and the answer is here, there, and everywhere! When we’ve been “here” (at home), we’ve been busy preparing for our little girl – finishing up home projects, preparing her room, and putting together more baby furniture and gear than we even knew existed! When we’ve been “there” (at Babies R Us, Carters, and nearly any other baby store you can think of!), we’ve been busy buying baby things for our little girl – swaddlers, sleepsacks, mattress covers, and more. And when we’ve been “everywhere,” we’ve been busy enjoying every moment of this journey God has taken us on. So, sorry for the delay in updates and posts… as you can see, we have been busy!

In the midst of being busy, I was hit with back pain around month #5. Not just the normal pregnancy back pain, this was sometimes excruciating, bring me to tears pain. My little torso couldn’t quite accommodate all the room this little girl needed, so when she started getting bigger and everything started moving up, it began pushing on my rib cage, which pushed vertebrates in my back together, which pinched nerves on the right side of my spine. If you’ve ever had a pinched nerve, you know the pain can be unbearable at times. The only thing that relieved the pain was standing up or laying flat on my side with a heating pad against the aching nerves. And needless to say, it made it difficult to do much. After having a sit/stand workstation installed at work (doing a desk job and sitting all day was beyond painful!), I got some relief but not much. So in September, my doctor reduced my work schedule from 8 hours a day down to 6 so I could rest while laying down at home a little more during the day. That helped and I made it to the end of my 35th week at work and called it quits! It’s standard for doctors to take you off work at 36 weeks now (unless of course you wanted to continue working). I, however, took advantage of my 36 week mark and am now off work until March. Woo hoo!!

So in the next couple weeks, I plan to update our blog with the things we’ve done over the past few months…that is, if our little girl doesn’t decide to come before I get a chance to! I’m 37 weeks now and considered “full term” so it’s game on now! I am secretly hoping she stays in there until her due date, 12.3.12. Only 10% or so of babies are born on their actual due date and I know that she will come whenever she decides she’s ready, but I really love her due date. More realistically, I think she will make her entrance earlier than that. Here’s why:

1. She measured around 6lbs when I was 35 weeks and she gains about 1/2 lb. a week. That puts her at about 7 lbs already… ultrasounds can be off, but Jared and I were both in the high 7’s when we were born, giving her another two weeks or so to reach that weight. And I can’t even imagine having an 8 lb plus baby, so if she decides to wait until her due date (or later), she just better stick to less than 8 lbs!

2. She dropped near the end of my 35th week, beginning of my 36th, and I started having Braxton Hicks contractions a few days later. Based on this, her birthday could be a couple weeks away, maybe in my 38th week. Sometimes labor is still a month away from this point, but sometimes these are indicators that it is only a couple weeks away (our birth teacher guessed she’d arrive in my 38th week based on this).

3. I was born on Valentines Day and my mom was born on the 4th of July… making the possibility of her being born on Thanksgiving very realistic! Which also happens to land in my 38th week.

So we’ll see! Ultimately, she will make her entrance into this world when her and God decide it’s time. Whether that’s early or late according to my due date doesn’t matter, it will be the perfect date. And we are so looking forward to meeting her on her birthday.