Baby’s Birthday Bets

I’m pretty sure you all know Jared well enough to know he is a betting man – he’ll bet on nearly anything, right down to betting on the ingredients in Grenadine syrup (seriously, him and I just bet on this last week. Did you think it was cherries? If you did, you would’ve lost, too!). And don’t even get me started on his fantasy sports teams – baseball, football, even golf. No joke. But, typically when he bets, he wins. Jared really enjoys competition (I have to admit, so do I. It is SO much fun to beat him… when I do anyway!). And he really enjoys the camaraderie and fun betting can bring. So, it should not surprise you that he, and even me!, wanted to do a fun little betting pool for our Baby Girl’s birthday.

Each entry was $5. Whoever guessed her birthday correctly will win, winner takes all! If more than one person chose the same day, the weight will be the tie-breaker (whoever guessed closest to her actual weight, over or under). In the event our little girl’s birthday was not selected by anyone, Mama takes all!! So, here we go!

Total: 28 entries at $5 each. Winner takes home $140. Not too bad for a $5 bet! Thanks for playing everyone!


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